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In Chapter 4, “Thrive”, we share various ways to make herbal tinctures and teas at home.

Herbal Dosing

Learning how to dose or how much to use of a tincture or tea is both a bit of science and an art as each person responds differently.

A general rule of them is to start with a small amount first and increase your dose. When dealing with an acute issue (something like a sore throat, cough, or cold) smaller and more frequent use throughout the day is the most common practice.

If it’s a more chronic issue (doesn’t have a specific duration) than the most common practice is to dose once or twice day.

Dosing in children should be done with care and ample research. Children should be given much smaller doses than an adult and only with herbs that are known to be safe with children.

It’s also important to note: I’m not doctor or medical professional and you should never begin using an herb medicinally unless you’ve done ample research and consulted with your doctor, pharmacist or professional medical personal of choice.

Dosing should be done by the specific herb and the ratio a tincture was made, so it is nearly impossible to give a broad dose suggestion. Many tinctures use 1 teaspoon, but again, this will depend upon the specific herb and age of the person using it.

My favorite source for dosing and use for herbs is Alchemy of Herbs by Rosalee De La Foret you can find copies of it form our affiliate partner Amazon here –> Alchemy of Herbs

Soap Calculator

While I love the oatmeal honey soap recipe in Chapter 6, “Homespun Holidays,” I know once you start making your own you’ll be hooked and want to try new recipes.

You should always use a soap calculator to make sure the fats/oils and lye are in a safe ratio to one another. Here are two online soap calculators you can try. Brambleberry’s and


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